:: Two Dreamtime Necklaces ::

Multi Strand Desert Beaded Necklace + Fine Silver Cactus Beads + Light, Elegant Warm Neutrals + OOAK Designer Necklace

An ethereal, elegant series of beaded strands with never-repeating patterns and handmade fine silver elements

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Primitive Fossil Talisman Necklace + New Mexico Fossils + Rustic Stacked Cairn Pendant + Designer Rustic Jewelry + Desert Style

Light earth neutrals and seed pearls make an elegant combination...a primitive cairn pendant of fossil impressions, stone and silver

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:: Desert Texture and Deep Time ::

Some truly amazing textural pieces for you today...

Weathered Sonoran Desert Cuff + Sterling Silver Bracelet + Baja Arizona + One of a Kind + Desert Primitive + Wabi Sabi

A sculpture for your wrist born of wind, sun, dry air and time from Baja Arizona

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Fossil Seabed Earrings + Fine Silver + Prehistoric Shell and Crinoid + Socorro New Mexico Fossils + Desert Primitive

Fine silver earrings impressed with deeply ancient fossils from a long-lost ancestral sea

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:: Ancient Abundance, Water in the Desert ::

African Tribal Style Necklace + Ancient African and Mexican Stone Beads + Antique Beads + Dogon Brass Ring + Fertility and Abundance + Designer Jewelry

Ancient stone beads combine with turquoise and tribal brass, evoking a pool of life-giving water in the desert

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One of my favorite color combinations!  There are many wonderful beads on this bold, ethnographic piece.

:: Ancient Agate ::

Antique and Ancient Agate Beads + Choker Necklace + Excavated Stone Beads + Pre-Columbian Shell + Organic + Desert Primitive + Designer Necklace

A dense cluster of ancient stone beads hanging from a heavy leather cord give this necklace a prehistoric look

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This is one of my favorite pieces so far this year...the stone beads are just incredible on the leather cord!

:: Dune Chimes ::

Fine Silver Sand Amulets Beaded Necklace + White Sands + Dune Chimes +

Ethereal twists of dune-impressed silver make quiet and delicate chimes...a desert necklace of sand, silver and glass seed beads

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This is a very special piece embodying the purity and peaceful energy of White Sands.  I just love the way it turned out and it looks just beautiful when worn.

:: Today's Offering ::

Owachomo Spirit Beads + Prayer + Meditation + Contemplation + Desert Earth + Designer Jewelry

Colors and textures of the high desert Southwest come together with artifacts and amulets in this inviting set of Spirit Beads

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The Spirit Beads are flowing...here is a new set that is linked to ancient cultures and the high desert.  More pieces will be listed here and on Etsy soon!

:: Two More... ::

Hypersthene Oblong Ring + Rough Textured Sterling Silver + Adjustable + Desert Primitive + Dawn Wilson-Enoch + Desert Talismans

A mysterious black oblong set in rough textured silver for your hand

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love this one...

Fine Silver Yucca Pod Earrings + Wabi Sabi + Desert Primitive + Oxidized Matte Silver + Art Jewelry + Artisan

Graceful yucca pod impressions rendered in sterling and fine silver

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