shamans necklace

Shaman's Necklace

Here, finally, is the new necklace I have been promising.  This is a new style I'm trying out, another way to make a multi-talisman piece, with each one attached to a link in a sterling silver chain.  The piece's title is in honor of the stunning landscape I drove through in northwestern New Mexico yesterday.  Abundant snow and rain this year have given us a spectacular spring and the sage was as verdant as I have ever seen it, from horizon to horizon.  

I have to apologize for my absences lately; I have been dealing with personal issues and major home repairs simultaneously and my attention has been divided...and distracted.  But I am working whenever I can so keep checking back for new items!

Chaco Canyon was my destination yesterday.  I drove out there with a friend of mine, not for the usual visit but to make prayers and offerings in support of the land...incredibly, it is currently endangered by fracking.  If you know anything about Chaco you understand that doing so would desecrate the greatest archaeological site in the country, a National Park and World Heritage Site, which is ancestral sacred land to many Native tribes.  Furthermore, the area is home to many Navajo who only wish to live and work on the land in peace and good health.  If you are interested in learning more, here are some sites you might find helpful.  Please sign their petitions if you are so inclined; every voice counts.