:: Neckpieces Are On The Way ::

Really, I'm not the type to constantly bombard people with updates on every little thing, especially when I'm deep in a go-within-and-reset mode as I have been.  Every so often I have to unplug from everything to be able to listen deeply to the signals that inform my work.  If I'm lucky these can also be fruitful times, and in fact there are two new Desert Primitive neckpieces ready for listing here.  They should appear within the next day or so.  More are on the way.

I've been exploring new ways to bring ancient techniques and gathered materials into my work.  I want to use more things that come directly from the land, and make things in different ways and not limit what I make to wearable items, but this process is still in the contemplative stage.  I have finally achieved some competence in making yucca fiber cordage, though, and have been using it in my work.

Otherwise, I am ready for a walkabout in the desert, a few days of solitude in the wilderness.  On Tuesday I drove out to Nageezi, about 111 miles to the northwest of here, in the hopes of hiking a favorite badlands area.  There was no earth to be seen; the entire NW quadrant of the state is snowed under.  And it was cold.  At one point, driving across the Jicarilla Apache reservation, freezing fog had coated the desert in a good inch of rime ice and the thermometer read 6 degrees.  I decided that discretion was the better part of valor and drove back to the studio, where it was warm, and spent the afternoon making yucca cordage.

Look for those new pieces soon...