:: Beyond Totality ::

The end of August.  What a month, what a summer, what a year it's been!  Every time I think we're going to stop and catch our breath it just gets more intense.

I am listing a new set of Spirit Beads after I post this update.   Since returning from the eclipse, I am only now beginning to integrate it all and get back to creating.  The changes are very deep and are affecting every aspect of my life, and I wanted to let you know what that is looking like so far.  Apologies to those who connect with me on Facebook for the repetition of photo and news, but it is playing out a bit further now.  

Totality as I saw it.  A shaky, low-res image taken from my phone...the reality of being there was beyond words.

Totality as I saw it.  A shaky, low-res image taken from my phone...the reality of being there was beyond words.

The eclipse experience was phenomenal--life-changing--and I am still integrating the energies as I watch the waves of transformation ripple across the world.  I was preparing for it all summer and am glad I did.  As the eclipse went into totality I was reclining on a camp cot, watching it from a cattle ranch just south of Riverton, Wyoming.  Totality was stunningly beautiful and otherworldly, and the energy I felt...well, it's good I was lying down.  As I realized afterward, the subtle energy systems of my body were entirely rewritten.  This "rewrite" or reordering of energies was a collective phenomenon of this eclipse and I suspect many others had similar experiences.  The feeling of this was the strangest thing.  I felt completely different, yet still "me".  The purpose of the rewrite was to fully anchor my systems into the energies of the "New Earth", as many are calling it.  This new way of being is entirely unplugged from the old systems dynamics of polarity, conflict, competition, and resistance.  Words like "quantum" and "ascension" are often used to describe it.  It is characterized by a state of deep interconnection with others within it, a state of conscious awareness, unity between dimensions of consciousness, and much, much more.  It is very hard to describe, and it can be very subtle, but it has so little to do with the old way of living/thinking/being in the old world that it feels like living on another planet, even as you are coexisting side by side with those who are still wholly invested in the old paradigm.  When you live in this state, you are living in a flow, moment to moment, a fluid process of happening and interaction in the moment that is nonlinear and very organic.  Reconciling this with time as the old world experiences it is interesting.  All I can say is that it is showing itself to be more than I ever imagined life could be.  This is real, folks.  Right here, right now, if you want it.

So, in the near future I'm going to be redoing my About pages here and in my Etsy shop to better reflect where my work is coming from.  At this point, I don't see any radical changes in my work physically since I was always trying to key into that state when creating it anyway, but I am going to be more specific about the energies that are going into each piece.  What you see on the physical level is the vehicle for an energy pattern, or program, that is like a key or access point into the energy of the New Earth, or paradigm.  I have been working with the vast networks of energy in and around the Earth--Gaia--for years and lately I've been programming pieces to help folks access that energy themselves.  Originally I cleared and blessed pieces to carry the highest spiritual and blessing energy to the recipient.  In the past couple of years that has shifted into creating pieces to be conduits for the new paradigm energy, to help folks plug in.  That is now the intention within each piece.  I expect there will be other purposes infused into these pieces in the future as things progress.  

That's about all for now.  I need to get that piece listed.  There's also a drawing in the works that I may be offering soon.