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A luminous set of prayer beads, suffused with golden light

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These are just beautiful, and it is so important to stay centered nowadays.  Prayer beads are a great way to do that and to remember the spiritual in daily life.  Even if you don't go for a large set like this, a small set or talisman can be a great support.  Over 10 years ago I came upon a small book called "A String and A Prayer" by Eleanor Wiley and Maggie Oman Shannon.  It was about prayer beads that weren't attached to any religious tradition, called contemporary prayer beads.  You chose what they represented yourself, and the book detailed several ways to make them.  I was enthralled...I loved all religious prayer beads but had always wanted something of my "own", to reflect the spirit in the landscape and beyond.  I started making them and as you can see I still do today.  I encourage everyone to find a copy of this book and try making your own!  These beads are such good medicine.