:: Two End of The Year Beauties ::

Hello folks, and I hope you all have been enjoying your holiday season. I have been enjoying some quiet time and spending many days in the studio, as we have been having some extremely cold weather and our first real snows in several years. As we move into the New Year I wish you all the very best for a healthy and luminous one!

I have two new necklaces listed and a third ready for its photography, but for some reason the computer won’t let me create a link to the listings as it usually does, so I have to work around it. Here they are!

Deschutes Jasper Stone Pendant + Andalusite + Bronze + Brass + Desert Browns Necklace + Contemporary Jewelry

A polished pendant of Deschutes jasper paired with a juniper wood textured bronze ring hangs from a warm, luminous strand of metal and gemstone beads

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