:: 20% OFF SALE! ::

Surprise...on the spur of the moment I decided it's time for a sale!  All items in this shop and my Etsy shop are on sale now through March 12 (excepting reserved items). You receive a 20% discount here, and over on Etsy everything is 25% off for my 8th Anniversary sale.

Please note that there will be a slight delay in shipping (see below) and orders will start going out on Monday of next week.

I decided to have my sale early this year because of a sudden change in plans.  I had been intending to photograph and list my new pieces and work on all those blog photos of studio and Mojave trip I've been promising.  But the weather this weekend is going to be spot-on perfect down at White Sands, and after a bit of arm-twisting I persuaded my son to take off work and head down with me for a couple of days.  Sunny, temps in the high 70s, and no wind make for perfect dune-wandering weather, especially in February.  Last year we didn't make our usual trip and I sorely missed it. 

So anyway, today I started putting together a set of White Sands Spirit Beads and will take them with me so they can be in the place they honor, and absorb some of the peaceful energy of the sands.  I'll photograph them there and will list them next week...along with the ring, pendant and earrings also waiting in the wings.  And yes, the photos!