:: Baja Shellbed Fossil :: Shipping Update ::

Baja Shellbed Fossil Focal Bead with Vintage and Antique Beads + Handmade Silver Fossil Disc and Rings + Layering Necklace + Neutral Brown

A fossil bead in whispery browns…a simple and understated necklace for layering or everyday

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Also, an update on my shipping policy: in the interest of cutting costs in order to make my talismans more affordable to you, I will no longer be shipping items with full insurance. This has gotten very expensive, and in all the hundreds of boxes I’ve sent through the Postal system, I have never lost a package. The only one that was lost was being shipped to Costa Rica and disappeared after it left the country. So from here forward I will be shipping via Priority Mail, in the same boxes, and it will still have a tracking number for you.

If you would like to have an item insured, please let me know and I’ll invoice you separately for shipping.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!