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Desert Primitive Fossil Earrings + Bronze Feather Discs + Organic + Primal Earth

Like a walk among the clay hills and hoodoos of northwestern New Mexico...pale earth hues and ephemeral impressions of life long past

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...I could have called it "my cat has a dental problem and there are some major vet bills coming up", but that probably wouldn't fly.  During his recent checkup at the vet, I received the unhappy news that Jasper (the Basket Cat of Facebook fame) has feline tooth resorption, which means that his teeth are decaying from the inside out.  He's only 2 and already needs three extracted...and the prognosis for the rest isn't good.  And Jasper HATES going to the vet. Poor guy.  So that, along with ongoing home renovation bills, some planned travel, etc., etc. means that I must generate some income ASAP.  

Enjoy the sale!  I hope you'll find something you love!