:: New Pricing Policy: Please Read! ::

Hello everyone, I’m back from the weekend’s show. Several pieces found homes but I definitely prefer selling online!

Anyway, starting today you'll notice a big change here: REDUCED PRICING. I struggle and even lose sleep over my prices...I will be the first to admit that I'm an artist, but most definitely not a salesperson or business person! So fair pricing has always been a major challenge for me. While I would like to make a living at what I do (I don’t…not even close), I want people to be able to afford my work and very much want these talismans, which are my children, to get out there to their adoptive parents. They are no use to anyone sitting at home in a bin! I make these pieces as a way to send blessing energy out into the world, and so folks can have something they can wear that will connect them to the earth. I started out trying to make everything very affordable but when I got into more rare and expensive components the prices had to go up, as well as keep up with inflation. Then there are all the fees involved with selling online, I have to add in shipping costs, and so on and so on. If I could afford to, I would give everything away!

The vast majority of profits from my sales go into new supplies, and towards travel to the desert places that fuel my work. Back in 2014 I was able to invest in a nice Subaru that gets me everywhere! The remainder goes into household use and some charity. The major charity I've contributed to in recent years is the Zuni Pueblo Kiva Restoration Project. I contributed $700 towards their Corn Kiva reconstruction and intend to keep on giving as I am able. (If you would like to learn more about this wonderful cause, please go to the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center website.)

But, after much soul-searching I've decided I need to lower my prices across the board. If I can’t afford my own work—and I can’t—then you probably can’t either. That isn’t right. So the current listings have some drastic cuts, and new items that are listed will also have more modest prices than you’ve been seeing lately. I'm not calling it a sale because these are the permanent prices from here forward. I am going to find ways to cut unnecessary corners in things like the photo, editing and listing process to help save time and money but will NOT cut any corners in the quality of the work, rest assured. So, if a piece has been calling to you, I hope you will be able to afford it! 

Thank every one of you who has purchased my work in the past or has written me with kind words of support. You all mean so much to me! And you keep it all going. Here’s something you may not be aware of: if you’re reading this you’re probably a repeat customer. The truth is, virtually all of my customers are repeat buyers! That is amazing and very humbling to me: I am honored, and thank you deeply.

If you have any comments or feedback about this I would love to hear your thoughts!

Blessings, and have a lovely Thanksgiving!