:: New Work Coming! ::

Yes, I know I said I would write about my desert journey and post pictures, but as usual, when presented with the choice to work on the computer or in the studio, I've been choosing the studio.  The pictures will come, but I also have a bangle bracelet, a set of Spirit Beads, earrings, and a ring in the works, and they will be showing up here as early as tomorrow.  All of the metal clay pieces from the trip turned out very well!

There's also some good news/bad news:  in a few days I will have to stop work in the studio and take it all apart because--finally--we are going to repaint and get the new carpet installed.  It has been almost 25 years since either has been done and it's high time.  I ordered the carpet Monday and they gave me a two week estimate, so I have to pack up everything in catproof containers and get going on the painting.  Hopefully it will be a quick process so I can get back to the real work, and I am truly looking forward to the renewal of energy this will bring!