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Desert Primitive Heat Textured Cuff + Sterling Silver Bracelet + Fossil Tree Fern + Picture Jasper + Wabi Sabi

A substantial sterling silver cuff, textured like the raw desert landscape, set with two large cabochons held with heavy sterling prongs.

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I did decide to list this bracelet after all, and here it is!  I realized that what I needed to keep was the visual information and I am also confident that it will hold up just fine to normal wear.  This may be my favorite piece of jewelry so far.  I love everything about it.

This morning a severe storm came through as I was doing yoga to try and help my lower back, which I seem to have done something to, and rain and hail soaked the new studio carpet as well as our bedroom.  I spent the rest of the morning standing on towels to absorb as much water as possible and moving furniture out of the studio, all while keeping a nervous eye on the sky.  The problem is our aging, leaky windows and deteriorating exterior stucco and I can no longer ignore the fact that they both need to be replaced.  This is going to mean a major work disruption but they simply have to be done, first the windows, then the stucco.  I don't know the timetable yet, but will keep on working as best I can in the meantime.  

So even with all the chaos I have almost finished the fiery Goddess Spirit Beads and if possible I will list them tomorrow...we'll see what the weather brings and if the window estimate allows me the time.  

Never a dull moment!